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Study Abroad

A Wonderful Opportunity!

To all students who are considering the program:

The Austria-Illinois Exchange Program (AIEP) is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to study abroad in a German-speaking country. You will not just be shipped to a foreign country with no clue as to where to live, what to do, etc. The AIEP has a resident director to take care of the administrative details, as well as teach some courses and orient you in this strange new place.

You may be paying a little extra for this program as opposed to doing it all on your own, but the benefits are definitely worth it! We have about one cultural activity per week, such as a symphony concert or a play. Plus we don't have to worry about registering with the city police or getting public transportation passes - it's all taken care of. I've also been assisted with finding a place to live. This program is definitely a good one, and I recommend it highly.

1996-97 student - anonymous