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Austria - A Business Perspective

Servus! "Wos konn i fir erna doan, gnä Frau?" (How can I help you?) Mensch, ich war total erstaunt wie die Wiener/Österreicher Deutsch sprechen, aber keine Sorge, die Sprache ist Deutsch und gar nicht so schwer zu verstehen. Die Oesterreicher sprechen nur mit einem Dialekt und man muss sich daran gewöhnen. Und wie? 1 Semester/Jahr in Wien auf der Wirtschauftsuniversität (WU) verbringen.

The WU offers several courses that will fulfill College of Business requirements. Can you imagine experiencing a course about "International Finance", first hand, internationally? Or learning about how the British civil law system compares to U.S. common law (which was taught by a Professor that reminded me of Sean Connery)? What about writing an Austrian resume and cover letter "auf Deutsch", while in Europe and having feedback from Professors and/or classmates? You also have the opportunity to take AIEP program courses that will meet requirements for a minor/major in German. You can learn about the European Union and read classical German/Austrian literature.

Since business is all about networking, Vienna is definitely the place to be to expose your self to a new way of thinking and making new connections. If you are open to new experiences, you will find that your opinions and even values may change, usually for the better. From the Buddy Network that organizes activities and trips for all the exchange students - to your Austrian roommate and/or neighbors, you will have an enormous opportunity to establish solid relationships that may even be sustained after you return to the U.S.

Reist du gerne? Es gibt so viele Feiertage in Österreich und man kann wirklich überall hin reisen. Wie kann man sich die Reisen leisten? Glücklicherweise gibt es Sonderangebote für Studenten (Restplatzbörse, Ryan Air, usw.) Ich kann die AIEP Schireise mit Schikurs in Saalbach Hinterglemm nur empfehlen.

If you are like me and easily get lost in a new city, never fear, the "Wiener Linien" is somewhere near and will take you just about anywhere in Vienna, including the Naschmarkt. Can you smell it now - türkische Döner kebabs, Nordseefisch, Tee, Gewürze, Käse, Oliven, frisches Obst und Gemüse, Sauerkraut, usw.

The business world requires you to become part of an ever-changing and challenging environment. As the European Union further develops, you will be afforded the opportunity to learn about some of the challenges that the EU faces, live/first-hand, in Vienna - the heart of Europe. Challenge yourself and be ready for the imaginable. I think of Vienna as my home away from home. Make it yours too.