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Why Study with the AIEP in Vienna?

All of us agree that our '99-00 year in Wien was the best one of our lives so far. But 4 months after having returned, it's still difficult to pinpoint exactly why. So when we encounter people who are considering the program, we just tell them that they absolutely must go. But the question still remains - WHY? Well, if I tried to explain each aspect, we'd have to open up a new web site. I truly do not know how to begin to describe what a phenomenal experience it is to adapt to a new culture, meet and live with other international students, develop a new attitude about your own life and culture, and to learn every day without even realizing it. Not only do you subconsciously absorb the language when you hear ads on the radio, read billboards or listen to conversations in the U-Bahn, but you learn about new aspects of human nature. There is no comparable way here to build upon your character and to increase your knowledge of and familiarity with the rest of the world - you have to experience it first hand.

The AIEP Program does a fantastic job of providing for its students, both with academics and getting settled, offering incredible guidance. Those international students who were familiar with AIEP were envious of the care it took of the participants, not to mention the various excursions and concerts that were planned for AIEP students. Everyone would enjoy a night at the theater, a bike ride through the vineyards, a week-long ski trip, a performance by the Wiener Philharmoniker or an afternoon of wine-tasting, but few would be able to take advantage of these, had they had to plan everything on their own.

This hardly does service to an unforgettable year, and it's difficult to end this with a conclusive statement that will urge all of you to go. But for those of us who are looking forward to returning, an open end is entirely appropriate, because the experience is far from over.