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Study Abroad


When I think about Vienna, a smile comes to my face. I think immediately of the countless coffee shops and bakeries. I think of the amazing gardens and the beautiful buildings. I think of being able to see operas in one of the world's best opera houses for 2 euro. Spending a semester in Vienna was one of the best experiences of my life. After only a month, I felt at home in the city, and after 6 months, I felt like Vienna was truly my second home. The only negative aspect was the fact that it was difficult to speak German at times. In the stores and restaurants, people always wanted to practice their English and would therefore try to speak English with me. However, I learned to simply reply only in German, no matter how self-conscious I felt, and eventually people would revert to German. As time went on, this became easier and easier. Taking classes in German, through the exchange program and also through the Uni Wien and Wirtschaftsuniversitaet, greatly helped me to improve my German, and I would reccomend everyone to do the same.

The best thing I did during my semester, however, was to play Ultimate Frisbee through the university. I played with all Austrians, and therefore was able to meet new people as well as really practice my German. I had so much fun and even got to play in a big tournament with teams from all over Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. I still keep in touch with people I played with. The sports program through the University is wonderful, and everyone should definitely take advantage. It is an opportunity to meet Austrians and improve your German while having fun. In addition to this, there are always special events happening in Vienna, in the middle of the city as well as in the numerous museums. I could go on forever describing all the wonderful aspects of Vienna...the city touched me somewhere inside, and for this reason I am so happy I chose to spend my semester abroad in Austria. Without a doubt, I will go back to Vienna, and more than likely for a period of time.

Shara Gregory (2003)