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Study Abroad

Calendar of Current and Upcoming Internal Project Activities


24 October (UN Day) in Illinois


WE2 enthusiasts form Illinois, Austria, and elsewhere will to plant 193 saplings and/or small trees (equal to the number of UN members). With the event we wish to draw attention to climate change and how to combat it effectively. Our goal is to plant 193 trees in 2009 and use the accomplishment to encourage the planting of 193 trees in each UN country on UN Day in 2010 and 193 trees by 193 people in all 193 UN countries on UN Day in 2011 (thus UN3). If successful, the initiative will lead to the planting of 7,226,499 trees by 2011. It also will lead to other measures to combat climate change exponentially.

Illinois Prof. Jim Evans and his neighbors have donated space for planting the trees south of campus. We now are asking local nurseries to donate 193 saplings and/or small trees from what remains of the 2009 stock at the end of the planting season. If you wish to join us, please contact Prof. Murray now.

Spring semester

Pledge to minimize carbon footprint while studying abroad. Please contact Prof. Murray, if you would like to collaborate on this project.

Summer and Beyond

If you are interested in academic programs, internships, etc. check here periodically for information like the following:

Green Corps: Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing trains college graduates to run environmental campaigns, starting by building a core group of activists and finishing by convincing decision-makers to pass laws, change policies and create reforms to protect our environment.