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Events and Activities

Arctic Talks and Related Events, Free and Open to the Public

25 September, 2012 at 5 PM. SAO-LAS Stockholm Summer Arctic Program presentation and film screening from Summer 2012.Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB

3 November, 2012: Judith Ryan, Harvard University. "Their Own Worlds of Ice: Arctic Exploration in Christoph Ransmayr and W.G. Sebald"

25 January - 8 April 2013. “Names Swallowed by the Cold: Hidden Histories of Arctic Exploration An Exhibition Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Crocker Land Expedition to the Arctic (1913-1917)”. Rare Book & Manuscript Library

25 January at 3 PM. Gillen Wood, Professor of English Literature at the University of Illinois. Lecture: Bernard O’Reilly and William Scoresby Jr. and he British search for the Northwest Passage in the early nineteenth century. University Library

7 February at 3 PM. Staged reading of Wilkie Collins’s play, The Frozen Deep. This play was based on Sir John Franklin’s expedition to discover the Northwest Passage and was written by Collins in collaboration with Charles Dickens. Department of Theatre

12 February at 6 PM. Professor Troy Storfjell, Pacific Lutheran University. Sami Indigeneity and the post-colonial Arctic. (class visits to SCAN, GLBL, MACS). Student's reaction to the talk.

8 April at 3 PM. Dr. Dag Avango of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Lecture on the history of technology in the polar regions and industrial archaeology on Svalbard and South Georgia Island. Dag Avango is a visiting post-doctoral researcher in the Scandinavian Program, GLL, and the EUC during April 2013. (class visits to SCAN, GLBL; EUC, HISTORY)

16 April at 5 PM. Jan Anders Diesen of Lillehammer University, Norway. Lecture on Polar Expedition Film. (class visits to SCAN, MACS). Lucy Ellis Lounge, FLB

17 April at 4-6 PM. Screening and discussion of Polar Expedition films with Jan-Anders Diesen in Lucy Ellis Lounge. Undergraduate students especially invited

19 April from 12-5 PM. Arctic Symposium and Work in Progress Colloquium, in 3114 FLB.

Lectures and other events are co-sponsored by:

The Nordic Council of Ministers SNU grant, the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, the European Commission through the University of Illinois European Union Center, the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, and the Scandinavian Program.

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