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Events and Activities

German Conversation and Study Groups

The German Coffee Hour (Kaffeestunde) meets during the semester on Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. at Caffe Paradiso (corner of Lincoln and Nevada in Urbana). Speakers at all language levels are welcome. Extra credit for attendance occasionally is offered by instructors of our language and/or literature and culture courses. For additional information, please contact John Slattery.

Members of the Department also participate regularly in reading groups on special texts and topics reflecting the interests of students and faculty. The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities offers a wide program of regular reading and project groups. Recent groups devoted to topics related to our fields include "The German Colloquium" (an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of topics related to Germany past and present), "The Lacanian Reading Group," "Language and Social Interaction," "Migration and Language," "Queer Studies: Sexualities, Races, Nations," and "Theoretical Approaches to Otherness in the Early Modern Period."