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Events and Activities

The Weekly Green

Upcoming Events

The lectures in Modern Critical Theory continue. On Tuesday, October 21 at 7:
30 p.m. in English Building 160, Patrick Bray (French, Illinois) will provide an
introduction to the thought of Jacques Derrida. All graduate students are very
welcome, whether or not you are enrolled in the 570 seminar.

“Romantic Spaces, Romantic Imaginations,” an interdisciplinary colloquium, will
take place on Thursday, October 30 from 2-6 p.m. in the Reading Room at the
Levis Faculty Center. Four speakers will explore the extent to which our spaces
and imaginations--political, social, theoretical, and technological--are still
"Romantic." The colloquium website, which includes a link to the complete
program, is at

For additional information, mail


Professor Yasemin Yildiz published "Political Trauma and Literal Translation:
Emine Sevgi Özdamar's 'Mutterzunge'" in _Gegenwartsliteratur_ 7 (2008): 248
-270. An abstract is available on the journal's homepage (scroll all the way to the
bottom for the new issue):


Congratulations to Amanda Sheffer, who passed her preliminary exams for the
doctorate and successfully presented a thesis proposal entitled "Panic,
Psychology, and Physiology: A Fin de Siecle Reading." Professor Anna W.
Stenport chaired this committee, which consisted of Professors Anke Pinkert,
Carl Niekerk, and Laurie Johnson.

Sonja Wandelt’s dissertation defense, “The Translation from Memory to
Postmemory: The Mother-Daughter Dialogue in Post-Holocaust Literature,” will
take place on Friday, October 17, 2008 from 1-3 pm in 2090 B FLB.  The
committee consists of Professor Nancy Blake (chair), Professor Anke Pinkert
(director of research), Professor Mara Wade, and Professor Rochelle Wright.

Weekly Departmental Activities

Our DAAD Visiting Lecturer Sarah Henneböhl will be offering open office hours
every Wednesday from 13.15 to 15.15 in the Espresso Royale Cafe (Urbana). You
will recognize her by the little German flag on her table.

The Deutsche Konversationsgruppe meets Mondays from
2-4 at the Bread Company on Goodwin Avenue. Students of all levels are
welcome. Instructors of German courses, please let your students know about
this opportunity to get extra German practice in an informal, no-pressure
setting. For more information and meeting time, email Frederick Schwink

The Middle High German Reading group meets on Fridays 12-1 in
3114 FLB. All are welcome and since we will be reading -- or attempting to read
-- a large variety of shorter texts, we are always on the lookout for
recommendations concerning reading material. No text is too inappropriate for
our tastes! Please contact Frederick Schwink with questions at

Editorial Note

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