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The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is holding three weeklong Seminars in Berlin during Spring 2009. Each Seminar will bring together young leaders interested in the relationship in question for a five-day program of lectures, workshops, group discussions and cultural excursions featuring leading figures from the fields of politics, the arts, academia, media, and business. For more information on the following seminars and application guidelines, please visit their website (


Three members of the department presented papers at the 99th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, hosted by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 30 - May 2:

Several former faculty members and graduates of UIUC who were affiliated with our Scandinavian program as students, teachers, or both also presented papers:

Ursula Lindqvist, UCLA, was slated to present but withdrew because of illness.

Also in attendance were UIUC alumni Jon Sherman (Northern Michigan University), Allison Spenader (College of St. Benedict/ St. Johns University), and Jenny Watson (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).


Congratulations to Beth Elam, who successfully passed her MA exams. Her committee was Professors Anke Pinkert, chair; Carl Niekerk, and Fred Schwink.

The department is pleased to announce the following graduate student awards:

Undergraduate students of Scandinavian Studies have received several significant recognitions in the past months. Congratulations go to:

Call for Papers: The International Strindberg/Strindberg Beyond the Borders of Sweden

In commemoration of the centenary of August Strindberg’s death in 1912, we are seeking contributions to an edited scholarly volume on the theme of The International Strindberg/ Strindberg Beyond the Borders of Sweden. We are looking for innovative and theoretically informed approaches that investigate Strindberg’s large and varied oeuvre, including drama, narrative prose, photography, painting, and non-fiction, from its inception to today. Foci and approaches remain open at this stage, as we are seeking to represent Strindberg in an international context as comprehensively as possible.

Areas of interest include

A distinguished United States university press has expressed strong interest in publishing a peer-reviewed collection of about ten to twelve essays on this topic, though no guarantee of publication can be offered at this stage. We encourage submission of complete articles in English (~8,000 words; MLA citation) but will also consider substantial abstracts; the more complete contributions we receive, the better we can craft the manuscript as we seek a publication contract.

Please forward this Call for Papers to anyone you think may be interested.

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2010.

Anna Westerstahl Stenport, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Linda Rugg, The University of California, Berkeley

The opening meetings of the department will be held Friday August 28, 2009 with a faculty meeting at 3 PM, a departmental meeting at 4 PM, and the pizza buffet at 5 PM. Please plan on attending!