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March 18, 2010



As the April FG, the department will host the symposium “Representing Transnationalism: Germanic Languages and Cultures in Global Perspective” on Monday, 29 March 2010. PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT DAY OF THE WEEK FROM THE USUAL FG.

As part of the symposium, two workshops for graduate students will be held on the same day from 3-4:30.

Short readings to prepare for the respective workshops (Gal; Horner and Weber for Workshop I and Schmitz; Wilkinson for Workshop II) are available on electronic reserve (see Yildiz GER 593 YY “Representing Transnationalism”).

PANEL at 5:00 PM at Lucy Ellis Lounge, Foreign Languages Building

The main event of the symposium will be a panel featuring three speakers:


Professor Yasemin Yildiz presented a talk titled "Literary Multilingualism and Migrant Creativity in Contemporary Germany" at the "The New Immigrant Europe: Languages and Borderlands” conference held on campus on March 12, 2010.


Congratulations to those instructors and professors earning a place on the list of teachers ranked as excellent for Fall 2009:



Professor Anna Westerstahl Stenport has been appointed affiliate Docent [Associate Professor] at Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Professor Anna Westerstahl Stenport and Michelle Nelson, Associate Professor of Advertising, have received a grant from Norden/the Nordic Council in the amount of $4,780 for public outreach and promotional activities about Scandinavia and the Nordic Region during 2010.

The following AIEP alums are in the news:


This semester Swedish Coffee Hour meets on Monday at 3:30pm at the Espresso Royale coffee-shop on Goodwin and Oregon.

This semester, the Deutsche Konversationsgruppe will meet on Wednesdays from 1-3 PM in the cafe of the new Institute for Genomic Biology. The IGB is the first building east of the Morrow Plots, and the cafe is in the downstairs level on the west side of the building.