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May 13, 2010


Congratulations to Adam Chambers, who passed his Ph.D. preliminary examinations. Adam's committee members are Professors Carl Niekerk (chair), Stephanie Hilger, Laurie Johnson, and Anke Pinkert.

Congratulations to Kurt Hollender for successfully defending his MA thesis, "Reading Grimmelshausen's SIMPLICISSIMUS as a Political Treatise Between Hobbes and Locke." His committee consisted of Professors Mara Wade (chair), Anke Pinkert, and Cori Crane.

Congratulations to Regine Kroh, who passed her Ph.D. preliminary examinations. Regine's committee members are Professors Anke Pinkert (chair), Yasemin Yildiz, Laurie Johnson, Carl Niekerk, and Peter Fritzsche.