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Newsletter of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

February, 2014


Professor Anke Pinkert published “Toward a Critical Reparative Practice in Post 1989 Literature: Christa Wolf’s City of Angels,” Memory and Postwar Memorials: Confronting the Violence of the Past, eds. Marc Silberman and Florence Vatan (New York: Palgrave McMillan, 2013), 177-196.

Professor Mara R. Wade has published the edited volume, Gender Matters: Discourses of Violence in Early Modern Literature and the Arts, Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft, Vol. 169, Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2013. 385 pp. Online info here.

Renata Fuchs’s manuscript, "Soll ein Weib wohl Bücher schreiben; Oder soll sie's lassen bleiben?": The Immediate Reception of Rahel Levin Varnhagen as a Public Figure"" has been accepted for publication in Neophilologus.

Presentations, Talks and Panels

Professor Anke Pinkert presented “New Vanishing Points of Market Culture in Post-1989 Literature,” Panel: At Peril Lives on the Verge of Extinction, MLA, Chicago, January 2014.

Professor Anke Pinkert presented “Publically-Engaged Humanities: Teaching and Research across Prison Boundaries,” Panel: What is the Impact of the Humanities?,”MLA, Chicago, January 2014.

At the 2014 meeting of the MLA in Chicago, Professor Mara Wade presented a scholarly paper, "Communicating the Body," for the session: CORPORA: Textual, Sexual, Non-Human Bodies in the Early Modern Age. She also chaired the session sponsored by the Division on German Literature to 1750.

Other News

Professor Yasemin Yildiz returned from a semester as Visiting Associate Professor of German at Harvard University, where she taught graduate courses, held a professionalization workshop for graduate students, and gave an invited lecture "Writing for Translation: Aras Ören’s Postmonolingual Poetics." At the Chicago MLA in January 2014, she served as a participant on a roundtable on "Multilingualism and the Object of Translation Studies" as well as a respondent to a panel on "Digital Practice: Social Networks Across Borders."

Editorial Note

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