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Johannes Fröhlich

Germanic Languages and Literatures

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Distinctions / Awards

  • Max Kade Graduate Fellowship in German Studies (2016-17)
  • Departmental Summer Research Fellowship (SU 16, SU 18)
  • Ernst A. Philippson Graduate Research Travel Award (SP 14)


Johannes is a PhD candidate in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. His interdisciplinary dissertation explores the role of statues as objects of same-sex desire in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century German literature.

He received his MA in German from the University of Illinois in May 2014. His MA thesis is entitled "Lässt sich aus diesem Bilde wohl der Charakter der Person schließen? Ekphrastische Strukturen und das Frauenbild in Wilhelm  Meisters LehrjahreDie   Leiden  des jungen Werther und Emilia  Galotti.” Johannes’ MA thesis analyzes female portraits in terms of the beholder and the painted object, gender representation, and spatial and temporal determination.

His research interests include queer theory, affect theory, picture theory, and emblem studies.

2013-2015 Research Assistant for Prof. Mara Wade and Emblematica Online.

2014-2018 Coordinator Germanic Languages and Literatures Graduate Studies Colloquium (former Deutsches Seminar)

2016-2017 Graduate Student Representative

Conferences, presentations, and poster sessions:

“'Beloved Silhouette,' Two Female Portraits in Eighteenth-Century German Literature." Deutsches Seminar lecture series, University of Illinois, March 2015.

“Searching the OpenEmblem Portal,” two invited workshops, Eleventh Triennial Conference of the International Society for Emblem Studies, Kiel, Germany, 27 July and 1 August 2014. 

"The Emblem in the Abstract: Joan Krieger's Emblems in Murray Krieger’s Ekphrasis." Sixteenth Century Studies and Conference, New Orleans, October 2014.

“The Emblem Scholars: Undergraduate Research Opportunities in EarlyModern Studies.” Poster Session, Sixteenth Century Studies and Conference, New Orleans, October 2014. 

“Traces of the Ouroboros: The (Digital) Search for Adaptations of Icons inJoan Krieger’s Emblems,” Eleventh Triennial Conference of the International Society for Emblem Studies, Kiel, Germany, July 2014. 

Wade, Mara R., Johannes Fröhlich, Patricia Fleming, Heidi Heim, Melina Nunez. “Emblematica Online in Research and Pedagogy.” Reading-dh, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, 17 November 2014.

Wade, Mara R., Johannes Fröhlich, Patricia Fleming, Heidi Heim, Melina Nunez. “Emblematica Online: New Portal Functionality and Undergraduate Researchers.” Scholarly Commons' Explorations in Digital Humanities Workshop, University of Illinois, 20 November 2014. 

“Wenn Fußnoten den Takt angeben: Über die Funktion der Paratexte in der Lebensbeschreibung der Regula Engel.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, April 2014.


Journal Articles

  • "Ouroboros in the Digital Age: Joan Krieger's Emblems of Ekphrasis." Emblematic Strategies in Contemporary Art (2014): 43-57.


  • German for Business GER 320 (FA 18)
  • Grimm's Fairy Tales GER 251 (SP 18), Discussion Sections
  • Viking Mythology SCAN 251 (FA 17), Discussion Sections
  • Intermediate German I GER 103 (FA 15, SU 16, SU 17, SU 18, SP 19)
  • Intensive Foreign Language Instruction Program (IFLIP), Beginning German (SU 13, SU 15)
  • Beginning German II GER 102 (SP 13)
  • Beginning German I GER 101 (FA 12)