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Scandinavian Program

Current Research

Faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students affiliated with the Scandinavian Program pursue research on a wide range of topics, including Arctic studies, European Union studies, modern drama, novelistic representation, contemporary cinema, multi-ethnic studies, religious studies, immigration history, historical linguistics, Old Norse and Viking studies, Scandinavian court traditions, and spoken-word performances.


The Palace of Skokloster research partnership with Stockholm University and the University of Illinois

During 2017 an interdisciplinary research collaboration will be carried out at Skokloster Palace under the title ”Skokloster as a Laboratory of Early Modern Studies.”

Researchers from Stockholm University and the University of Illinois together with researchers and curators at Livrustkammaren, Skokloster and Hallwylska Museum Foundation (LSH) will work with the collection at Skokloster, including books, weaponry, and art. Various disciplines will meet in workshops intended to produce new knowledge about the worldview of the 1600s and the creation of a cultural heritage that has continued ever since at Skokloster. Dr. Mara Wade of the Germanic Department (UIUC) and Elisabeth Wåghäll Nivre (SU) spearheaded this initiative



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