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Scandinavian Program

Programs of Study

The Scandinavian Program offers both a Major in German with a Scandinavian Studies Concentration and a Minor in Scandinavian Studies. Many students who major or minor in Scandinavian Studies combine their program with a Study Abroad experience, but it is not required. Please contact Anna Westerstahl Stenport for more information:

Scandinavian Studies Concentration for the Major in German

Designed for students with a broad interest in Scandinavian Studies, including acquiring proficiency in a modern Scandinavian language. Fulfilling the requirements for the Major usually involves one semester of study abroad at a Scandinavian university. 30 credit hours of Scandinavian courses are required for the concentration.

Hours Requirements


Language Courses beyond SCAN 101-102:


SCAN 103-Intermediate Scandinavian I


SCAN 104-Intermediate Scandinavian II


SCAN 494-Topics in Scan Languages


At least two courses from the following 200-level course offerings:


SCAN 215-Madness, Myth and Murder


SCAN 225-Vikings & Volvos: Scan Culture


SCAN 251-Viking Mythology


SCAN 252-Viking Sagas in Translation


At least four courses from the following 300- and 400-level course offerings:


SCAN 375-Scandinavian Sexualities


SCAN 463-Ibsen in Translation


SCAN 464-Strindberg in Translation


SCAN 490-The Films of Ingmar Bergman


SCAN 492-New Scandinavian Cinema


SCAN 496-Special Topics in Scan Studies


Supporting coursework comprised of study in areas relevant for Scandinavian Studies, chosen in consultation with the Scandinavian Studies faculty advisor.  Areas could include: Germanic Languages and Literatures, English, Linguistics, History, Political Science, Comparative and World Literatures, International and Area Studies, European Studies.

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.
All foreign language requirements must be satisfied.
A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Affairs Office before the end of the fifth semester (60-75 hours). Please see your adviser.

Minor in Scandinavian Studies

The Minor in Scandinavian Studies offers students exposure to the study of a Scandinavian language and broad knowledge of Scandinavian culture, literature, film, art, and history.  Prerequisite: SCAN 101 or the equivalent.

Hours Requirements


Scan 102: Beginning Scandinavian II


Any of the following, with at least 6 credits on the 300- or 400-level


SCAN 103: Intermediate Scandinavian I


SCAN 104: Intermediate Scandinavian II


SCAN 215: Madness, Myth, and Murder


SCAN 225: Vikings and Volvos


SCAN 251: Viking Mythology


SCAN 252: Viking Sagas in Translation


SCAN 375: Scandinavian Sexualities


SCAN 463: Ibsen in Translation


SCAN 464: Strindberg in Translation


SCAN 490: The Films of Ingmar Bergman


SCAN 492: New Scandinavian Cinema


SCAN 494: Special Topics in Scan Languages


SCAN 496: Special Topics in Scan Studies