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Undergraduate Program

GER 320

GER 320 covers different aspects of the German business world and the German economy within its European context. It will familiarize you with verbal and written communication as it is typical in a business environment. In addition to studying general business culture and business etiquette in Germany, you will learn about various companies, their organization, and their business transactions. In the final part of the course, we will also discuss how to apply for jobs and internships in the German-speaking countries. Specifically, you will learn about the following topics:

The course is designed to improve all four skills, integrating speaking, listening, reading and writing, while learning about business contents in their cultural context. Thus, the course is not only be of interest to students majoring in commercial German but also to those intending to live or work abroad. (The course also serves as a preparation for the Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf, an internationally recognized Business German examination offered by the Goethe-Institute.) We will work with authentic, up-to-date texts and video clips as well as a textbook. Learning involves the students’ active and serious interaction with the materials and application in role plays, discussions, presentations, and writing assignments. This is a three credit course that meets two days a week.